Saturday, January 23, 2010

We're gonna be on TV!

The Maricopa Country Association of Governments (MAG) wants to include the Wheezers and Geezers ride as part of a publicity video that will be distributed to various TV outlets to promote the Valley as a tourist destination. Our job is to show the benefits of cycling.

I spoke to Jason Stephens of MAG on the phone, and we tentatively set up the day and time as Saturday February 6 on the 7:30 a.m. ride. I write tentatively, because the weather is supposed to be unsettled through March. I'm making a note to myself to send out an E-mail to the Geezers' mailing list a few days before the date as a reminder.

It would be nice if as many people as possible would show up for the 7:30 ride that week, either 7:30 at the roundabout or 7:15 at the Camelback Inn. Those who have Geezer jerseys are requested to wear them. (Let's hope that it will be warm enough that we can squeeze the jerseys on top of the other layers of clothing).

In addition to filming the ride, Jason wants to interview a doctor about the health benefits of riding and someone who commutes to work on a bike. I don't know who among the Geezers commutes to work by bike, so we need some volunteers.

Jack Quinn